Breathe is a cacophony of soaring strings and spiralling sounds in a visceral, sensory solo performance. Ambient, textural violin and electronic compositions are combined with the sound of Alicia’s heartbeat and breath to create a vulnerable, unflinchingly honest dissection of anxiety and fear.

Part theatre, part concert, part raw experience, Breathe captures the truth of our human body’s primal, carnal survival instincts.

“Jane is a stunning violinist who played beautifully silhouetted in the spotlight as the audience experienced a visual and auditory array of stimulation through the bodies rhythms”
- North West End

“her talent was clear for all to see and she was a compelling performer to watch”
- Create Hub

“a powerful, beautiful, visceral performance”
- audience response

“I felt my heart, my bones, my lungs and the depth of each breath”
- audience response

Sound Design: George Percy
Lighting Design: Alex Fernandes
Live Sound: Jake Sanders

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England